Two years of EGE and a million delays

Well, I was wrong about more regular blog posts. I’m pretty sure it has been around eight months since I last made a post. I doubt that will change, so let’s just accept that these will be sporadic.

In exciting side news, I’ve been with EGE for two years now. It doesn’t feel as if it has been that long. It has been an eventful and exciting journey for sure. It’s been fun seeing EGE grow and move from hosting events at UofWindosr to places like Queen Elizabeth Building, which has 60,000 sq.ft.

The first lesson I learned while at EGE; I overdressed to cover an event where people play video games. I showed up in a suit and tie. The next most dressed was Shaun. He wore jeans and an EGE shirt.

Since the first event in Windsor, where I also learned that Smash was played competitively, my skills have grown a decent amount. I believe my writing, photography and knowledge of various esports has improved.

I’ve had every opportunity to succeed and do well while at EGE, and honestly there has not really ever been a down or negative. If anything, I feel I do not have enough time to focus more on EGE related activities/work. I thoroughly enjoy what I’ve done in the past and what I do now.

My role has changed over the course of the two years, from simply being given a writing task from Chris, showing up to the event and then going home to helping set up events, coming up with my own story ideas and helping out with social media. My focus has been less on writing this year, and more on the photography and social media end. I feel the people connect better through those mediums. I still want to write, but it has taken a backseat, which is nice but also very weird.

I hope to grow the social media channels, and that is my main focus for the rest of this year. We shall see where that leads to and how well it goes. Our Twitter and Instagram have been more active, but there is a lot more work to do.

I’m grateful for the chances I’ve had with EGE, and that I was able to jump on board. It has easily been my favourite working experience, and I’m excited to watch the company continue to grow.

Shoutouts to EGE, for the awesome two years, and to all the awesome people I have met and/or befriended along the way. It has been an awesome journey and I hope to continue to do this for a much longer time.

We have an event this weekend, so you should be there. Event page

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New Year. Still slow on updates.

2015 finished on what seems like a strong note. I went to my first Well Played event (Well Played 4), and it was a solid event. I took far more photos than was required and then couldn’t cut the photos down to a reasonable number. So business as usual.

It is a bit difficult covering multiple tournaments at the same time, but it went well. I was mostly focused on the Smash tourneys, because, well it is Smash. Hearthstone and CS:GO were solid as well, although I didn’t follow those as much as I should have.

It has been a somewhat weird journey to this point. There are times where it seems very little is happening and then out of nowhere so much. There’s more people now who are actually interested in seeing what gets posted and to see photos that are taken, which is awesome. I had a guy from the previous Well Played email me about the photos and was very excited to see his team and thanked me. Easily one of the best moments so far. It is small, but it was awesome.

Forget the past though, the future is exciting. With multiple larger events coming up this year is going to be amazing. At least that is what I am hoping. Good Game Con is gonna be wicked, especially with GOML being apart of it. There’s some top level Smash players already confirmed, and from what it looks like more will be named. That alone is good enough reason to go. There’s a good chance it breaks Canadian records for Smash turnouts as well. I haven’t been to a GOML event or the previous Good Game Con. So having both at the same place will be nice.

On top of that there are the monthly Well Played events, which so far have continued to do well, and that will give me something to look forward to every month. I’m not 100 per cent sure if some of the events from last year are also being done this year, but if they are it will just make the year that much better.

I’m much more interested in Smash now. I guess it was only a matter of time before it happened. Everything about Smash is better. The community, the plays, the hype. I’ve gotten myself somewhat familiar with the scene. I just have to understand the game better so I can cover it with in-depth analysis. Starcraft is still my first love, and watching SC tourneys will never get old, but Smash has made its way up there. I think I talked about this last time as well, but I guess when I wait so long to blog I forget what I wrote.

I’d like to get down to Windsor for at least one event at Kappa, which may or may not be possible just yet. I have yet to go, and would like to see the place and also check out the Windsor scene a little more. Hopefully, I can get down there.

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Whoa, I am way behind.

A decent amount has happened since I last posted. I basically missed talking about all the big events that EGE was apart of. I will try to be more on top of stuff. A few of the bigger events, in terms of name, that I attended include Enthusiast Gaming Live (EGL) and AnimeNorth 2015.

EGL was great. It was a lot of work and I basically only sat when we were back in the hotel, but it was worth it. A few minor hiccups, such as losing power, but overall the event went well. If there is anything I would change, it would be to scrap the live music, or at least find a better way to incorporate it as it was a bit messy. There was some sweet CS:GO action though. The event was also the one where I fell in love with the Smash community. I don’t think there exists one that is as awesome or exciting as the Smash community. The people are great, are always helping each other and get into the matches like no one else.

AnimeNorth was fun because it was like a vacation essentially. The staffing was overdone, so there was a lot of not doing stuff. It was fun in the sense that it was laid back, but too much not doing stuff sorta makes it drag on instead of it being a blast like I hoped.

I missed a ton of events after that because work/too far/other weak excuses. A big event that was supposed to come around was a bigger and better version of EGL, EGLX; however, it got delayed due to some major players in various industries wanting to attend but the timing didn’t work. If anything it was pretty disappointing to hear about, but it made sense for why it was delayed. Hopefully, it lives up to the hype that has been built.

Season two of Ontario ESPORTS Series (OES) has started and that is always fun. I was kind of hoping for more PC stuff this year, in particular CS:GO, but PC gaming was completely scraped. Instead, the focus is solely on Smash titles, and although disappointing it actually is pretty exciting. Smash has quickly become on of my favourite communities and Smash matches are some of the most exciting to watch. No disrespect to my first love, Starcraft 2, but Smash is my new obsession. The first qualifier was a classic convention style event. Not as many people as you would expect at a tournament, and not as high quality in terms of players. The event was pretty successful though, so that is always nice.

There seem to be a ton more events coming up, so keep a look out for that. As always, EGE is awesome to write for, and hopefully I will be covering a lot more than I have in the past few months. Also, I shall try to update this on at least a monthly basis from now on so I can go more in-depth on events and the month instead of doing quick summaries of events.

On a side note, I got to attend Hell, It’s Aboot Time, which was incredible. I met some interesting people and made some friends. I went to enjoy and ended up taking over 2000 photos, only to lose one of my memory cards and lose 800 or so photos. That was a moment that thoroughly sucked, especially since I rearranged my entire room just to find the memory card, and found nothing. Otherwise, the event was fun. There were some great SC2 matches and the crowd was hyped the entire time. Also, there was free pizza and ice cream. You can’t go wrong with that. It was great seeing a grassroots style event come to fruition and have the success that it did. I got a ton of signatures and some wicked collectible cards of the participants.

Disregard the quality of the photos. They were not taken by a professional, and they were taken with an average phone.

For some high quality photos taken by someone who knows what he is doing, make sure to check out Tabin Ahmed’s photos of the event.

Hell, It’s Aboot Time photos

Hell, It’s Aboot Time photos pt.2

The closing of 2015 should be solid and 2016 looks promising. Keep an eye out for articles and photos. Now, for shameless plugs.

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Lots happening and me being lazy

So a lot has happened since I last posted. A mix between school, moving and mostly me being lazy is what stopped me from posting. I am no longer in the city of Hamilton. I have now moved to Brampton, which is interesting. Better than Hamilton no doubt. Maybe I will go into that another day. More chances here, and easier to attend all the cool Toronto eSports events.

Since the last post, EGE has had a handful of events and has grown wonderfully. We have huge events coming up.

Back in December, we had an online Dota qualifier for the OES finals, which went fairly well considering the date of the event and whatnot. The League online qualifier got delayed for a month, and generally speaking it was not the best in terms of attendance; however, it went well in terms of the skill level of the competitors. So, it sort of worked out in that sense.

There were a few other qualifiers, which were sort of last minute, but not really. If that makes any sense. The whole thing worked out though, because McSmashter 4 was a huge success and broke records, and the OES finals got more gamers qualified.

The classic No Man’s LAN went as expected in terms of success. It seems to always do well, and drew in an awesome crowd as well. I wasn’t able to attend the event, which really sucked, but I was able to watch some of the games on the stream, and there were some high quality games and teams.

Other than that, there have been some big announcements. EGE is one of the companies that is going to be running tournaments at Enthusiast Gaming Live, which is a huge event. Basically, it is a gaming convention happening on May 16-17, and will have tournaments, cosplay, live music, panels and far more. The venue 60,000 square feet, so it is going to be massive. I’d honestly recommend any gamer to attend, because it will be off the hook. That might not be a cool phrase anymore, but the event will still be awesome. The EGL page has links to all the separate games. Do check them out.

And how can we forget the other event? The week right after, Anime North! Huge huge event in terms of size, popularity, attendance and everything else. EGE will be part of the team running the gaming tournaments there. Although not strictly a gaming event, this is huge in terms of exposure. So another exciting opportunity.

I’ll try to update more often. I kind of get lazy with that. But don’t worry. EGE is growing at what I think is a good pace. There’s viewing parties, and awesome events. I cannot see myself doing something else with my life. It’s just far too fun. That’s plenty for now.

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OES London

Yes, I am a little late.  School has been kind enough to keep me more busy than I would like. But more of that never.  This will be all over the place probably, since this will not be organized out.

The London qualifier was awesome.  It went really well actually.  There were some hiccups with the service provider that delayed almost everything for two hours, but everyone worked hard to fix it and the people competing very patient and understanding.  I heard only one person say anything negative, and his complaint was about the set up of the SSBM tournament.  Yet, it seemed he wasn’t sure how it was set up, since it was fairly well organized, with pools put together and who plays with who all explained.

Generally speaking, it was a fun event.  Dota 2 again had basically no one.  I wouldn’t be surprised if EGE drops the game next season, although the Dota guys seem to be the most passionate.  The winning team were super into it and crushed their opponents.

Was quite fun to watch.   I got some solid interviews, which was nice.  I did put together a video, which you may see sometime soon, although I am not totally happy with it.  I didn’t plan the shots out, which messes with the final project.  For future videos, I’m gonna try to layout some things before the event, so it can have a much more solid final product. For me rushing it, the event being delayed, and my first attempt at something not school related it is not bad.

The people competing were super nice.  They were open to making random conversation, and were generally some pretty cool kids.  It was really cool to see the 2nd place team in the League tourney have a fairly solid female player.  I haven’t seen too many in the few events I’ve been to, so it was great seeing that.

WeonX is a crazy good Smash player.  He won in Waterloo and won again in London, where he swept everyone.  I can see him taking it all at the provincials.  His skill level is at another level.

One of the neat things was the event being held with Project Play.  Project Play had multiple other events happening, such as some Magic, board games, new games to try out and vendors as well.  With that, EGE probably got a decent amount of exposure that will do them well.  Not having a foothold in London, they still managed to get 75 people register which is awesome, and then with 850 people in total there it will only make people more aware of EGE.

There’s online events coming up which is exciting, and the provincials is something I’m looking super forward for.  It is awesome seeing EGE grow. Hopefully there will be a lot more coming from me in terms of videos and other content.  There should be a lot more in terms of articles slowly coming.  For videos, I want to try out stuff that could possibly work or maybe fail.  So it could be fun to mess with.  Maybe some less newsy style videos and something more fun.  We shall see.

So far, excellent experience for me.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed everything I’ve done with EGE, and it helps that no one there acts as if they are better than anyone else. Everyone is quite calm, easy going and just trying to get their stuff done.  They’ve all been very helpful as well.

Also, self promoting FTW.  Here’s the newest article.

Upcoming events

A few events are coming up, including one I’ve mentioned a few times.  There is the next OES qualifier which will be held in London.  It is worth coming out to if you are in the area.  There’s a great chance to win some money and a few other prizes and that will give you a chance to compete in the provincials.  Nothing better than being Ontario’s best right? It can always be a solid stepping stone into the scene and maybe move into more well known and larger circuits.  Or come and watch.

It is quite fun.  Meet some cool and interesting people and there’s always a nice raffle.  So you might be able to pick up something neat.  But yeah, show up for sure.  I’m certain you’ll have a blast at the minimum.  I will be covering it, so there will be plenty of pictures to share from my end, unlike the last OES and hopefully some video content as well. I have a few ideas for video, but we shall see how well it can be implemented.    And of course the article and interviews to follow along.

The other event is something that is online.  It will be a Dota 2 qualifier, held in December.  So if you aren’t able to attend any of the qualifiers in person, this will be a great chance for you., if you can find Toronto locals to play with you.  If you can put together a team that is majority Toronto based (3/5) you can enter. Not 100 per cent on how I will be covering this event, but I will figure something out.  I might try to set up some sort of live tweet thing, or some sort of live coverage.  I’m guessing the games will be streamed, so there will be that as well.  I do have time to figure it out, so I will work on it to bring something new hopefully.

Otherwise, not too much happening.  Searching for some other stories to cover in terms of interviews and events.  Might see if I can try out new things before any event to test it out, especially video plans.  I wanna try some live update related things, although I haven’t decided what I will use as I don’t have enough experience with such tools.  Also, if possible, maybe get some sort of fan interaction type thing going.  Not really sure how that would work, and I doubt I’d be able to really get something with that going until much later.

Wildturtle Fan Meet

I met TSM Wildturtle!  It was a pretty amazing experience.  It’s the first time I’ve ever met a progamer, and who better to meet? Despite not being able to get the interview I was hoping to get, meeting him and being able to exchange a few words was a nice start.  I was able to mention to him that I was covering the event for EGE, and he seemed pretty excited that there was coverage, so I will take that.

I’m glad I got there when I did, as there were  a lot of people there.  There was roughly 100 people in front of me, and by the time I looked back, there was 100+ behind me, and although the line never got larger than about 150, it never got shorter either.  I managed to get a solid autograph as well, and a photo that was decently take by a surprised person.

It was fun seeing fans come up with goofy style photos, such as giving Wildturtle a piggy back.  It made things interesting, and allowed for some photos as well, considering not much happened at the event that was photo worthy.

The free cookies were almost worth the trip alone.  Nothing like double stuffed Oreos for free.  There was some good music playing in the back, and people just genuinely enjoying themselves and having a good time.  A raffle was done as well, which had awesome mousepads, and Teemo hats. That staff was helpful and kind, which just made the experience that much more enjoyable.  The event was simple, yet done well.

The Q&A was probably my favourite part.  We had a chance to learn a little more about Wildturtle, and at the same time share a few laughs.  He touched on topics that were all over the place.  He discussed his move to California, his League career, turtles, cats, and a multitude of other subjects.  The engagement between him and the fans was great to be apart of.

I’m loving the events EGE has me covering, and after what would be my first month of interning for them, and working in the local eSports scene, I know for sure this is what I want to do with my life.  It has been hard work, and at times lots of hours.  But it has been thrilling. It has been a lot of fun and the work has been worth it.  I’ve enjoyed every minute of it, and I hope I am able to do this as a career eventually.

I have a few coverage ideas before the London qualifier, so hopefully that all works out.  Otherwise, the London qualifier will be my next big event that is covered, so stay tuned for that.  Also, you should probably show up, as a competitor or a spectator.  It is quite fun.

Finally, I’ll share some pictures, unlike every other time where I forget.

IMG_8251IMG_8171  IMG_8184IMG_8154IMG_8134

I met Wildturtle!

WildTurtle fan meet this weekend, London OES Qualifier, other stuff

This Saturday WildTurtle is having a fan meet at the University of Toronto.  Another event I get to cover.  It’s pretty exciting.  He’s a huge name in the League scene on one the most popular teams. So getting a chance to meet him will be huge not just for an article, but as a fan of the game and eSports in general.

I’m not 100 per cent sure on how the event is going to be done.  There is not too much information on the Facebook event page, but apparently there will be a chance to ask questions, which is what I’m looking forward to the most.  I’m hoping I get a chance to talk to him so I can conduct somewhat of an interview.  At the very least, I’ll be able to get some solid photos as well as interviews with people who attend the event.  From the current guest list, it looks like there will be over 600 people there.

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to cover an event for EGE, so I’m looking forward to this to break out of the long time without anything.  It’ll be a good chance to meet fellow gamers and possibly get some networking done.

Also, on Nov. 23 there will be the next OES qualifier. It’s being held in London at the Western Fair District.  If you want to try to take top prize in League, Dota or SSBM, here is your chance.  It’s a ton of fun and you meet great people.  At the least, you can just come as a spectator and enjoy the event.   This will be the third qualifier, and both so far have been amazing so it can only get better.

There’s been  more content going on the EGE site, so keep checking it out for more. For example, I got to interview Dustin “TinGar” Garvey about his team, Challenger by Moelon, taking top spot at the Windsor Qualifier in League. 

EGE is hiring interns for many positions still, so get in contact with them.  There are a lot of options available and can help with your resume or school requirements.  If you feel you can offer something not listed, still contact them.  You might have something they need.

Interviews + Internship Options

While we wait for the next qualifier to come along, which is on Nov. 23 in London (more info will be available soon), I’ll be doing some interviews with some of the gamers who won the qualifers at the two previous qualifiers, which includes the Windsor and Waterloo qualifiers.

Also, I will be trying to get interviews with progamers and streamers from Ontario, so if you do know of any, please send them my way. There have been some interviews that have been completed or lined up, so there should be more content on the EGE website sometime soon. Hopefully, I am able to set up something where I am able to regularly get interviews done and submit content to EGE.  I assume it will take some time, but I guess that is the fun part.

On another note, EGE is looking for interns for quite a few positions.  Check out the opportunities at and get in contact with them if something interests you.  Nice people, and easy to work with.

Brief Update

Well, I made it onto EGE’s wesbite, which is awesome news!  At least for me it is.  A little late in announcing it, but I was and am still super excited about it. So make sure to check it out!

I missed the qualifier that happened in Waterloo sadly as I had to cover sporting events for the school newspaper; however, I will be at every qualifier from now on, so there will be plenty to share in the future.  There still will be an article posted onto the EGE site.  So keep a look out for that.  From what I understand though, the Waterloo event went well.

As of right now there is no event that I will be attending, at least not any that has a set date. I will be looking for events to attend.

There should be some other articles up eventually not directly dealing with the qualifiers. So far nothing has come together as planned, but work is still being done. Until next time.

P.S. I saw Lights in concert today.