Two years of EGE and a million delays

Well, I was wrong about more regular blog posts. I’m pretty sure it has been around eight months since I last made a post. I doubt that will change, so let’s just accept that these will be sporadic.

In exciting side news, I’ve been with EGE for two years now. It doesn’t feel as if it has been that long. It has been an eventful and exciting journey for sure. It’s been fun seeing EGE grow and move from hosting events at UofWindosr to places like Queen Elizabeth Building, which has 60,000 sq.ft.

The first lesson I learned while at EGE; I overdressed to cover an event where people play video games. I showed up in a suit and tie. The next most dressed was Shaun. He wore jeans and an EGE shirt.

Since the first event in Windsor, where I also learned that Smash was played competitively, my skills have grown a decent amount. I believe my writing, photography and knowledge of various esports has improved.

I’ve had every opportunity to succeed and do well while at EGE, and honestly there has not really ever been a down or negative. If anything, I feel I do not have enough time to focus more on EGE related activities/work. I thoroughly enjoy what I’ve done in the past and what I do now.

My role has changed over the course of the two years, from simply being given a writing task from Chris, showing up to the event and then going home to helping set up events, coming up with my own story ideas and helping out with social media. My focus has been less on writing this year, and more on the photography and social media end. I feel the people connect better through those mediums. I still want to write, but it has taken a backseat, which is nice but also very weird.

I hope to grow the social media channels, and that is my main focus for the rest of this year. We shall see where that leads to and how well it goes. Our Twitter and Instagram have been more active, but there is a lot more work to do.

I’m grateful for the chances I’ve had with EGE, and that I was able to jump on board. It has easily been my favourite working experience, and I’m excited to watch the company continue to grow.

Shoutouts to EGE, for the awesome two years, and to all the awesome people I have met and/or befriended along the way. It has been an awesome journey and I hope to continue to do this for a much longer time.

We have an event this weekend, so you should be there. Event page

Also, more shameless plugs.

EGE Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Follow/like all of them.


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