Whoa, I am way behind.

A decent amount has happened since I last posted. I basically missed talking about all the big events that EGE was apart of. I will try to be more on top of stuff. A few of the bigger events, in terms of name, that I attended include Enthusiast Gaming Live (EGL) and AnimeNorth 2015.

EGL was great. It was a lot of work and I basically only sat when we were back in the hotel, but it was worth it. A few minor hiccups, such as losing power, but overall the event went well. If there is anything I would change, it would be to scrap the live music, or at least find a better way to incorporate it as it was a bit messy. There was some sweet CS:GO action though. The event was also the one where I fell in love with the Smash community. I don’t think there exists one that is as awesome or exciting as the Smash community. The people are great, are always helping each other and get into the matches like no one else.

AnimeNorth was fun because it was like a vacation essentially. The staffing was overdone, so there was a lot of not doing stuff. It was fun in the sense that it was laid back, but too much not doing stuff sorta makes it drag on instead of it being a blast like I hoped.

I missed a ton of events after that because work/too far/other weak excuses. A big event that was supposed to come around was a bigger and better version of EGL, EGLX; however, it got delayed due to some major players in various industries wanting to attend but the timing didn’t work. If anything it was pretty disappointing to hear about, but it made sense for why it was delayed. Hopefully, it lives up to the hype that has been built.

Season two of Ontario ESPORTS Series (OES) has started and that is always fun. I was kind of hoping for more PC stuff this year, in particular CS:GO, but PC gaming was completely scraped. Instead, the focus is solely on Smash titles, and although disappointing it actually is pretty exciting. Smash has quickly become on of my favourite communities and Smash matches are some of the most exciting to watch. No disrespect to my first love, Starcraft 2, but Smash is my new obsession. The first qualifier was a classic convention style event. Not as many people as you would expect at a tournament, and not as high quality in terms of players. The event was pretty successful though, so that is always nice.

There seem to be a ton more events coming up, so keep a look out for that. As always, EGE is awesome to write for, and hopefully I will be covering a lot more than I have in the past few months. Also, I shall try to update this on at least a monthly basis from now on so I can go more in-depth on events and the month instead of doing quick summaries of events.

On a side note, I got to attend Hell, It’s Aboot Time, which was incredible. I met some interesting people and made some friends. I went to enjoy and ended up taking over 2000 photos, only to lose one of my memory cards and lose 800 or so photos. That was a moment that thoroughly sucked, especially since I rearranged my entire room just to find the memory card, and found nothing. Otherwise, the event was fun. There were some great SC2 matches and the crowd was hyped the entire time. Also, there was free pizza and ice cream. You can’t go wrong with that. It was great seeing a grassroots style event come to fruition and have the success that it did. I got a ton of signatures and some wicked collectible cards of the participants.

Disregard the quality of the photos. They were not taken by a professional, and they were taken with an average phone.

For some high quality photos taken by someone who knows what he is doing, make sure to check out Tabin Ahmed’s photos of the event.

Hell, It’s Aboot Time photos

Hell, It’s Aboot Time photos pt.2

The closing of 2015 should be solid and 2016 looks promising. Keep an eye out for articles and photos. Now, for shameless plugs.

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