New Year. Still slow on updates.

2015 finished on what seems like a strong note. I went to my first Well Played event (Well Played 4), and it was a solid event. I took far more photos than was required and then couldn’t cut the photos down to a reasonable number. So business as usual.

It is a bit difficult covering multiple tournaments at the same time, but it went well. I was mostly focused on the Smash tourneys, because, well it is Smash. Hearthstone and CS:GO were solid as well, although I didn’t follow those as much as I should have.

It has been a somewhat weird journey to this point. There are times where it seems very little is happening and then out of nowhere so much. There’s more people now who are actually interested in seeing what gets posted and to see photos that are taken, which is awesome. I had a guy from the previous Well Played email me about the photos and was very excited to see his team and thanked me. Easily one of the best moments so far. It is small, but it was awesome.

Forget the past though, the future is exciting. With multiple larger events coming up this year is going to be amazing. At least that is what I am hoping. Good Game Con is gonna be wicked, especially with GOML being apart of it. There’s some top level Smash players already confirmed, and from what it looks like more will be named. That alone is good enough reason to go. There’s a good chance it breaks Canadian records for Smash turnouts as well. I haven’t been to a GOML event or the previous Good Game Con. So having both at the same place will be nice.

On top of that there are the monthly Well Played events, which so far have continued to do well, and that will give me something to look forward to every month. I’m not 100 per cent sure if some of the events from last year are also being done this year, but if they are it will just make the year that much better.

I’m much more interested in Smash now. I guess it was only a matter of time before it happened. Everything about Smash is better. The community, the plays, the hype. I’ve gotten myself somewhat familiar with the scene. I just have to understand the game better so I can cover it with in-depth analysis. Starcraft is still my first love, and watching SC tourneys will never get old, but Smash has made its way up there. I think I talked about this last time as well, but I guess when I wait so long to blog I forget what I wrote.

I’d like to get down to Windsor for at least one event at Kappa, which may or may not be possible just yet. I have yet to go, and would like to see the place and also check out the Windsor scene a little more. Hopefully, I can get down there.

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